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Sibez Technologies engineers are more than mere coders. They are architects, designers, visionaries and implementers of the niche technologies. They have been cherry-picked from various verticals, guided by the unique techno-commercial demands of the industry. Credentials duly verified with most up-to-date knowledge, they come to you with a total mission orientation.

Sibez Technologies Professional Services are available worldwide, with its experienced specialists in the areas of Oracle, PeopleSoft, Quality Assurance, DataWarehousing and e-commerce. Our Global Development Center offers our clients cost effective choices and international support

Sibez Technologies commitment to employee growth using a mentoring program that updates technical and communication skills, assures our clients that Sibez Technologies provides the experts to ensure a perfect match to meet your project goals. Our commitment to quality control and Rapid Application Development methodologies allows Sibez Technologies to staff all projects with our own specialists.

  1. ERP and CRM Specialists
  2. Quality Assurance Specialists
  3. Data Warehousing Specialists
  4. e-commerce Specialists
ERP and CRM Specialists
Span info quality assurance specialists evaluate and test new software programs to make sure they work as designed. Programs are evaluated against designer specifications and user requirements. Such evaluations uncover “bugs” and lead to further revisions and modifications
Data Warehousing Specialists

Span info data warehouse specialists are experts in technologies such as:

  1. Informatica
  2. Business Objects
  3. Data Stage
We analyze data sources for input to your enterprise data warehouse; analyze Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP for transition and acquisition of source data. Other services include extraction, transformation and loading of source data.
E-commerce Specialists

Span info e-commerce specialists act as a consultative resource for projects requiring database design, E-commerce interfaces and application development. We design, develop and modify E-commerce applications including complex database structures for EDI processes to client specifications using proven Rapid Application Development methodologies.

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